Resolution Refresh: Tips to Keep You on Track

A few weeks into the new year and we hope you're holding strong to those resolutions. If you're experiencing times of weakness, hey, it's ok. We got you.
Below are a few tips to get you back on track with your resolutions and feeling good about the year to come:
Working On Your Fitness
If you're working on your fitness this year and need a little motivation, start out slow and make a dedicated time in your schedule each week for working out. Hitting the gym every day may not be an option for your schedule so do what works best for you.
Try going with a pal because, you know, the whole accountability thing and it's more fun to have a friend along for the same ride.
Don't be afraid to try a few different classes or workout options. Classpass is offering 1 free month to help you find what workout options you like the best. 
Flat Stomachs Happen in the Kitchen
Taking on a new diet or just simply eating better for the new year? Meal prepping is the name and sticking to your plan is the game. Planning out your meals in advance can help reduce the desire to make impulse food choices. Use a grocery delivery service to make it even easier and secure everything on your grocery list. Thrive Market sells all organic foods and is offering 25% off first orders.
Plan to Plan
Failure to plan is a plan to failure...or something like that. Get organized, start goal-setting, and keep yourself on track with a handy planner. Often, just writing plans down and crossing them off a list can do wonders for feeling productive. Check out the top selling planners on Amazon here.
How do you keep your resolutions? Leave us a comment below!


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